Tooth Angel Toothpaste

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Because fresh breath is the best breath

Designed by our team of dental professionals, our tasty toothpaste is crafted with only the finest ingredients for that fresh-mouth feeling all day long.

Specially formulated to address gum and sensitivity problems, our toothpaste features a recommended fluoride concentration of 1450ppm for happy, shiny smiles.

Choose from our cinnamon mint or wild english mint flavours.


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Dentist & Hygienist Formulated

Only the best for your teeth! Our toothpaste is made here in the UK with the highest quality ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

In nature we trust! Harnessing the power of natural botanicals, our toothpaste incorporates only the best ingredients guaranteeing that fresh mouth feeling.

SLS and BPA Free

Clean teeth, clean toothpaste. We prioritise your well-being by excluding nasties, like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), BPA (Bisphenol A) and Titanium Dioxide from our toothpaste.

How is the Tooth Angel Toothpaste good for the planet?

Smiles all Round Neon

Sustainable Sugarcane Tubes

What’s renewable, sustainable, and made from made from sugarcane? Our toothpaste tubes of course! Not to mention, the carbon footprint from our sugarcane tubes is 50% better than a conventional tube.

Made in the UK

Our toothpaste is proudly manufactured close to home, here in the UK, supporting local industries and minimising carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation.

100% Recyclable

Guilt-free grins all round. Our toothpaste tubes, including the lid, are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce plastic waste.

5-Star Smiles

Sonal TOral Health Science & Dental Hygienist

I loved the idea of the replaceable heads but was a bit sceptical of it being a manual toothbrush until I tried it myself. I couldn’t believe how soft the bristles were and how well it cleaned. The softness of the bristle is great for keeping the teeth and gums healthy as they won’t cause any damage.

The soft floss is amazing, its gentle for the gums but also strong and paired with the cinnamon flavour which isn’t too fiery leaves the mouth feeling super fresh.

Monika PBSc (Hons) in Dental Hygiene and Therapy

Having used an electric toothbrush for several years I was totally amazed on how clean my teeth felt after brushing with the manual toothbrush with the replaceable heads.. the bristles felt soft and gentle on my gums.. The floss is also super soft, lovely to handle, after using the floss the wild mint flavour left my mouth feeling fresh!

The products look luxurious, lovely design and packaged well. It definitely brings class to your bathroom cupboard.

NishanPrincipal Dentist of Blue Court Dental

The most exciting is the starter kit which comes beautifully boxed, having the toothbrush with replaceable heads, toothpaste, soft floss and breath spray- it would make the perfect gift for any age group!

Overall, these eco-friendly oral health products are the epitome of class and sustainability. They provide excellent results, and their luxurious design and packaging make them a must-have in any bathroom.

Isha P

I absolutely love the tooth angel toothbrush.
The bristles are so gentle yet effective, leaving my teeth feeling noticeably cleaner.
I also love the sleek design and the fact that this brush is not damaging to the environment.
What a great idea and concept !
It’s a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a reliable manual toothbrush.

Lily R

Tooth Angel's toothbrush is so nice, the bristles are really soft and feel great on the gums, its easy to hold and use and also great quality. The concept of the replaceable heads is genius and the floss is also unreal.

Andrea B

Absolutely love the manual toothbrush, what a great idea with the click & replace head system. The bristles are amazing and still going strong after 3 months ! I used to use Curaprox toothbrushes which I liked but these are better ! The floss is the best I have used soft and full of flavour 👌👌👌

Kirsty L

I wish i had purchased the tooth angel breath spray (cinnamon mint) sooner! The taste is unreal, immediate fresh breath that lasts without re applying every 10 minutes. Perfect size & easy to pop in the handbag for lunch and dinner dates.
If i could give more than 5 Stars i would! Highly recommended.

Dr Koray FClinical Director
The London Centre for Implant & Aesthetic Dentistry (LCIAD)

Been using the toothbrush for a month and the bristles are still dead straight. Stiff enough to clean, flexible enough not to do damage. I think the bristle consistency on the Tooth Angel brush is close to perfect.

Nubia Silva

I have been thoroughly impressed with Tooth Angel's products. The toothbrush design is amazing, and the bristles are extremely gentle and soft. I can say that this toothbrush has worked brilliantly for me, and it's eco-friendly. The toothpaste has an excellent taste (I have the Fire collection), and the breath spray is so refreshing. I absolutely love that Tooth Angel is environmentally conscious and has created these revolutionary products for a greener planet.

Stacey Weatherley

Dr Popat has done a fantastic job with making this product. Environmental friendly and luxury at its best. The toothbrush is soft and floss is amazing. Well done

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